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    PSE 12 and Canon 70d raw CR2 files


      I have a new Canon 70d which came bundled with PSE 11, but PSE11 doesn't support the CR2 raw without converting to DNG. and then there are no thumbnails, which makes file handling a pain. Does PSE12 have support for the 70d CR2 files, and does it show the thubnails for either the CR2 or the converted DNG files?

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          andaleebfatima1 Champion

          In PSE12, you will need to update ACR version from 8 to 8.2 through Help > Updates menu option in PSE Editor. Then your CR2 files from 70D will open up fine.




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            70d box also come with the digital solutions that can be used to edit/view/convert cr2 files :)

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              Newts5 Newcomer

              Thanks. Two follow up questions:


              I'd prefer not to immediately have to get a new version of the PSE software I just received.  At least one place on the Adobe site states that PSE11 supports ACR 8.1, but it doesn't actually show up as an available update. 


              1. Is, ACR 8.1 or 8.2 available for PSE11 or will they be shortly; and


              2. If only ACR 8.1 is or will be available, does it support the 70d CR2 format?


              Thanks again.



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                ssprengel Mythic

                The ACR 8.2 release-candidate (beta) had preliminary support for the 70D by pretending it was a 6D but the color wasn’t quite right, whereas the final ACR 8.2 has full support for the 70D raw format including Adobe-created color profiles for it.  It is possible that ACR 8.1 included the same prelminiary support in an undocumented fashion because I see a message on DPReview about 70D raw files opening in 8.1.


                I doubt 8.2 will be available for PSE11 since PSE12 and ACR 8.2 have just come out, about the same time.


                Besides upgrading to PSE12 for full support, you could also buy LR 5.2 which would give a wider range of raw edits, and still let you do Edit in PSE with LR Adjustments (creating a TIF file on the way into PSE).


                If you want to try, download and install the LR 5.2 update and run in trial mode:

                http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/ -

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                  Newts5 Newcomer

                  Thanks:  I have now tried to donload the ACR 8.1 beta from Labs, but the link for downlads leads only to the information page.http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/cameraraw8-1.html  Is that file available somewhere?


                  Regards,  Newts5

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                    ssprengel Mythic

                    The betas disappear once the final version comes out.  The ACR 8.1 beta probably didn’t have any support, anyway.

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                      ssprengel Mythic

                      I have updated these instructions for using ACR 8.3 in PSE12:


                      ACR 8.3 will work with PSE12 to open 70D files, but there is no installer, yet if ever, so you have to be a little devious to get things to all work.  You also need to be on a Windows 7 or 8 since ACR 8.3 supposedly doesn't work on Vista or XP.  I should also say that the process outlined below does work on my Windows 7 64-bit computer, but I also have PS-CS6 and PS-CC installed on it, so it is possible that ACR 8.3 is dependent on something that wouldn't exist on a computer with only PSE installed on it, but someone else will have to confirm that.


                      I was able to get 70D files to open in ACR 8.3 on PSE12 by doing the following:


                      Download the ACR 8.3 for Windows update for PS-CC via the direct download link on the Adobe Blog:



                      Unzip this downloaded setup.zip to a folder somewhere.


                      Inside the files from that zip is a folder called payloads \ AdobeCameraRaw8.0All-031213015928.  Note that this is the folder without x64 in the path.  PSE12 is a 32-bit program so we need the 32-bit version of the plug-in.


                      Inside that folder is another ZIP called Assets1_1.zip so unzip it somewhere.


                      Inside Assets1_1.zip there is a file called 1003.  This is the largest file in that zip and is the plug-in you need.


                      Copy this 1003 file into the existing PSE12 camera raw plug-in folder:

                      C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\Elements 12\File Formats or for a 32-bit Windows OS, into:  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\Elements 12\File Formats

                      Rename the existing Camera Raw.8bi to Camera Raw_8bi_80 (in case something doesn't work and you need to rename it back, later).

                      Rename 1003 to Camera Raw.8bi


                      After these steps you have the ACR 8.3 plug-in installed in PSE12 but not the camera and lens profiles, so install those by downloading and installing the DNG Converter 8.3:


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                        Thank you for this work around with PSE12 and Canon 70d .. I purchased a 70d this week and was extremely frustrated when the Raw files would not open in PSE12.  The steps provided above worked even though the "payloads" file was not exact as the name listed (numbers were different) .. I simply picked the one that didn't have "x64" in the path.  Thanks!!!

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                          How about Elements 12 for MAC? Any insight, I can't find the download.



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                            Brilliant - worked for me. Thanks