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    Acrobat Pro Xi & CS6 Update issue. URGENT


      Not sure which forum to post to... I chose Acrobat since the issue is produced when it updates.


      I provide tech support services in my community. A customer asked me to help him setup CS6 and Acrobat. The man is a creative genius but the thought of anything remotely technical puts him on pause. He previously experience the Adobe Install-Hell that was a big deal with previous versions of CS.


      Little background… New laptop (i.e. Purchased 4 days ago, reformatted with a fresh OEM free install of Windows 7 x64 that has been updated) This mean no pre-installed applications and bloat-ware.


      I installed CS6 (trial) and Acrobat XI (trial). CS6 updated without errors. This lead to a reboot. Tested the various applications. They worked perfectly.


      I updated Acrobat XI to v.11.0.04. Another reboot.


      I proceeded to setup the client’s profile (copied his old videos, graphics, other client data and websites to his new laptop from an external drive). I go to copy CS6 shortcuts from the start menu to the desktop just to find all CS6 icons blank and CS6 deleted with no mention in the various adobe logs as to what happened.


      The Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, Adobe Acrobat Distiller XI, Adobe Content Viewer, Adobe FormsCentral, icons are normal but resolve to an error since the executables have been deleted.


      I had configured work folders/paths in various CS6 apps that were also deleted


      1. C:\working\(various sub-directories)
      2. C:\competed\(various sub-directories)
      3. C:\store\(various sub-directories)
      4. C:\localhost\wamp\www\(various sub-directories)
      5. C:\localhost\iis\www\(various sub-directories)
      6. C:\scratch\


      Annoyed now… I checked system logs and more. Still nothing.


      Repeated the process on his new laptop: format, install, etc. All is well until Acrobat updates. CS6 is deleted on reboot.


      I keep a couple of laptops in the shop for repro'ing issues. Used one of them and reproduced the same issue again.


      I backup the client’s older laptop to the NAS as an image. Apply updates to his activated CS6 and reboot. No issue. I apply the update to Acrobat and reboot. Symptoms above are produced along with the deletion of “C:\downloads” & the Alcohol 120% executable.


      No errors in adobe logs. No evidence of virus, etc.


      This (what should have been a simple install) could have cost me thousands had I not been prepared for the worst.


      What is going on Adobe ???

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          Bill@VT Mythic

          Sounds strange. However, your last question suggests you need to ask Adobe and not users. Some of this may be related to the trial versions which I don't deal with, though an update uninstalling the current version sounds strange. You may get some Adobe staff dropping by, but don't be surprised if they don't show. It may be some other folks will have a clue if you wait a while.