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        mgalpin7 Newcomer

        I discovered a slightly different.  I had quit Adobe Creative Cloud and my CPU activity was normal, then suddnly went to 100%.  Task Manager told me that 2 copies of Adobe CEF helper were running, then a couple of minures later I got a notification that an inDesign update was available.  After opening Creative Cloud and updating inDesign (it took three tries) and quitting Creative Cloud, CPU usage went back to normal.  I think the home page bug is not the only cause of high CPU usage.

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          Dudemanla Newcomer

          Yes, CEF helper was running at 30 percent.  I quit the menu app then relaunched it and it's still using 10 percent CPU after I launched it.  I am not even running any adobe apps right now. 

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            Dudemanla Newcomer

            I went to the menu on top and clicked on home.  It will not load at all but it jumped the CPU to 24 percent.  if i click back on apps there it goes back to 10 percent.  I may be on to something here. 

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              Michael.Noble64 Newcomer

              That is true. I've been working with this problem from many angles with many hours of tech support. I have experienced all of the issues reported here for more than a month and no suggested fix (and then some) has worked. On a windows PC it is only possible to end the Helper App process by ending the CC and Core Sync processes -- ending CC automatically ends all Helper processes. The action that invokes another instance of Helper is the mere clicking on one of the 5 tabs in the Desktop window. Try it this way: quit the desktop app and restart it; sign in and watch the Home tab try to connect (it won't); see that you have only one instance of Helper running; click any of the other tabs and as many tabs as you click, you will see as many as 3 more instances of Helper. So it appears to me that EVERY Adobe CC product and app will separately call up another instance of this associated Helper.exe. It should be restricted to a single instance even if CPU usage is not an issue. But since the Apps tab works to provide updates, I guess I can live with this other problem until someone figures it out. It's possible to see your files at www.creative.adobe.com, but inconvenient to have to do it that way. When one considers all of the incredibly sophisticated code that goes into an Adobe product, it is hard to imagine what mkes this problem so daunting.

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                Ghregr Newcomer

                Ditto!  Adobe CEF Helper is using a minimum of 8-14% even when my system is idle.  Creative Cloud started at a constant 8%, with everything idle - my initial reason for concern, but has since dropped to 0.2-2%.  This is a lot of overhead for a MacBook Pro with only two cores.

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                  tlcub4bear Newcomer

                  There is definitely a bug in the Creative Cloud app. It's basically using 100% CPU of a single core on my i7 6-core system, even though my system is "idle" and the Create Cloud app isn't open. The fans on my computer are running at a high speed, which is why I noticed the problem.


                  I attached a snapshot of Process Explorer showing the amount of CPU cycles Creative Cloud is using.


                  Please fix this problem ASAP!



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                    Jeff A Wright Legend

                    Tlcub4bear the majority of these posts are from Users who were facing this difficulty with Mac OS.  I do see in post #80 that mgalpin7 mentioned the task manager instead of activity monitor.


                    You may want to try applying the updates as Mgalpin7 did to reduce the processor usage by AdobeCEF Helper.


                    For Mac users I believe the difficulties which were experienced by most users has been resolved with the recent updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

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                      Dudemanla Newcomer

                      Yeah, it does appear to be fixed with the latest updates for creative cloud.  i have a mac running 10.8.4 and it's only using .6 for cc and .7 for cc helper. 

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                        Ghregr Newcomer

                        Yes.  Everything seem to be behaving nicely now. Thanks!

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                          mgalpin7 Newcomer

                          Yes, the latest update to the Creative Cloud has helped a lot. The Adobe CEF Helper is down to just a couple of percent and I have some free memory, and the last Photoshop update worked on the first try!

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                            Mike Bkk Newcomer

                            The issue is not resolved here, Macbook Pro using 20% when idle and nothing Adobe related in active use. All updates done. It really drains the battery.

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                              Jeff A Wright Legend

                              AdWebAgency what version of the Creative Cloud application are you currently using?  You can determine the version by completing the following steps:


                              1. In the Creative Cloud application click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner
                              2. Choose the Preferences option from the fly out menu.
                              3. Under the General Tab choose Account
                              4. You will find the version listed in the Version field
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                                Mike Bkk Newcomer

                                The version shown is


                                One thing I noticed is that the Home panel hardly ever shows anything but the spinning waiting wheel.

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                                  Jeff A Wright Legend

                                  AdWebAGency I have requested a member of our support team contact you directly.  You may want to re-review the discussion as several suggestions have been offered previously which may resolve your current difficulties.

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                                    Mike Bkk Newcomer

                                    Thanks, I will read through it again but I don't remember seeing anything I hadn't tried before.

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                                      CoverJay Newcomer

                                      I'm still having the same problem as described by others. I have tried everything. A couple of months back I had other issues with no updates able to be installed and the Support Center team had me COMPLETELY manually remove everything off of my machine and start over. So, the installs should be about as clean as can be.


                                      I did receive the updated Creative Cloud app a few days ago as well. Issue still present, loading on the home screen taking up 13-15% CPU. I just have to kill Creative Cloud every so often, but prefer the bug to be fixed.

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                                        CraigFisv Newcomer

                                        The forever loading wheel has returned to the Home tab for me as well.  For awhile there it seemed to be behaving correctly but not anymore (Creative Cloud on OSX 10.8.5). The previously suggested Settings > View Your Updates & Requests > Go Back does still work, allowing the Home tab to say "Your Home Feed Is Empty" instead of endlessly trying to load whatever content it seemingly cannot find.

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                                          Jeff A Wright Legend

                                          CoveryJay and CraigFisv I would encourage each of you to review this discussion as there are several steps which you can implement which will likely resolve your difficulties.  If you are confident that you have completed the steps listed in this discussion then I would encourage you to contact our support team directly and open a case.  You can contact our support team at http://adobe.ly/yxj0t6.

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                                            dashart21 Newcomer

                                            Just for notice:

                                            Mac OS 10.8.4: Creative Cloud App updated today

                                            but empty home screen still remaining with spin loader.

                                            And a cpu load of around 20%.

                                            Tried every in this thread offered solution ...

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                                              Mike Bkk Newcomer

                                              Jeff, I did not hear from the support team and can confirm, there is no working solution in this discussion.

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                                                Jeff A Wright Legend

                                                AdWebAgency I am showing that your case was picked on September 18.

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                                                  Michael.Noble64 Newcomer

                                                  I have had a similar case open for weeks and today I was finally called by a rep who knew everything about the issue. She wanted to uninstall all of my apps, scrub some hidden files, and then reinstall everything. Not having the time today for such a lenghthy process, I postponed this effort until Oct. 4th. I am, however, pretty encouraged by her knowledge of the topic and the news that there is a brand new fix that has been working. AdWebAgency can either wait for a call back, or intitiate one himself using his case number. Let me mention that I recounted to the rep today everything that has been tried, which includes all of the steps mentioned above. She said that there were indeed more hidden files that have been identified and it is those that are causing the problem.

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                                                    Anymouse73 Newcomer

                                                    Yes, I had a similar problem on my Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop. (3.1Ghz i7 Processor, Windows 7)


                                                    It happened immediately following the last Adobe Cloud update.


                                                    Using the Task Manager along with the Processes and Services tab, I found CEF Helper was chewing up about 30% of my CPU time.


                                                    Thanks to all in this blog for helping me identify the application launching this service.


                                                    I uninstalled Adobe Cloud and now do my updates directly through the Update Manager inside the programs (Lr, Ps, Premier Pro).


                                                    Everything is now back to normal.

                                                    • 103. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                      Plane Wryter Newcomer

                                                      This long-ago reported and even-longer-unfixed problem with Creative Cloud remains...unfixed!


                                                      On an iMac running OS X 10.8.5 and Creative Cloud.app again...I have to continue to terminate the Adobe CEF Helper process (many, many times!) running ~14% of CPU...and "stalling" the computer.


                                                      • ADOBE: You have received so many reports on this problem...why does it remain a persistant issue? Why are you asking customers to waste time filing cases when you have ample evidence of a problem? The resolution to this problem should not require a case number...it should be in the next (timely!) update to Creative Cloud.
                                                      • 104. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                        CoverJay Newcomer

                                                        Yeap. I agree. I'm not uninstalling every app and every hidden file again just to see if there is a new hidden file that the customer support team missed a couple of months ago. It took me the better part of a day between being on the phone with them to uninstall EVERYHTING and then re-install EVERYTHING again.


                                                        There should be a specific fix that corrects this issue other than a complete uninstall and re-install. It should come in the form of a software update (easiest for everyone) or a specific download that we download and run on our machines which corrects the issue and we get back to work. I'm still just quiting the Creative Cloud application for the time being and running it once a week or so, but that clearly is NOT how things are intended to work... but since I have to get work done, that's the way they have to work right now.

                                                        • 105. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                          Ghregr Newcomer

                                                          I feel you frustration.  I was having the same problem but now my Creative Cloud is using only 0.4% and my CEF Helper(s) 0.0%.  I don't know at what point the problem was corrected but I noticed it after I updated my OS and CC to the latest versions. I also performed a lot of disk drive maintenance.


                                                          Either Adobe hasn't fixed the problem and there is something specific about my system that has resolved the issue or Adobe has fixed the problem and there is something specific about your system that is still causing the problem.


                                                          I would keep an open mind to any suggestions offered by Adobe and others, regardless of how incredulouos or inconveient they might seem.


                                                          MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz, 8GB RAM, OS 10.8.5.

                                                          • 106. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                            Michael.Noble64 Newcomer

                                                            Thank you for your input. I am happy that I refused to go through the grueling process that was suggested to me for a second time. Now that I think of it, the rep that I spoke of may not really have had a fix after all. So I agree that we should push for a traditional software fix and wait for it before messing with our apps again. I don't want to build on the resentment that I have forming for Adobe when I happen to be one of its great fans. One wonders why the engineering staff hasn't chimed in here to give us a sense of what they are up to, if anything. I would certainly like to know why the CEF Helper process is considered to be running properly when it does so in three simultaneous instances. Also, if there is indeed some newly-identified hidden file somewhere, tell us what it is so we can check to see if it exists on our system.

                                                            • 107. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                              CoverJay Newcomer

                                                              Mine also worked for a while, the problem started again, then the problem stopped again, now the problem is back. I'll just leave it shutdown except for when checking for updates. I'll try leaving it on in a few months and see if it magically fixes itself again.


                                                              Hmmm, sitting here thinking about it. I wonder if Adobe (or their CDN (Content Distribution Network like Akamai/Limelight) is uing IPv6, and now that Comcast has rolled out IPv6 pretty much nationwide for anyone with an IPv6 compatible router/computer that that could be causing issues. No idea. Will have to sniff the connection next time I have some free time... Ha! Free time! I'm too funny.

                                                              • 108. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                Michael.Noble64 Newcomer

                                                                If IPv6 interoperability is a problem, it lies with Adobe and not with my ISP or equipment. I would imagine that Adobe has been using this protocol for a long time now together with all the other major web companies that have adopted it. But one never knows for sure unless you ask the specific question. Have I just done that?

                                                                • 109. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                  Garry Bradley Newcomer

                                                                  Exactly the same here, it's almost as if the Home screen is hogging the resources until you go to preferences to show updates. There's a bug here that doesn't load the the home screen that needs fixing.

                                                                  • 110. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                    bobmepp Newcomer

                                                                    On a Mac-Mini I am also experiencing a 10% hit on average. Incidently, I was experiencing ultra high CPU percentages by the Core Sync process (upwards of 60%) when I was trying out font sync, such that I have turned that off and do not consider that service usable. I don't think it is available to me anyhow, as I have switched to the photoshop/lightroom subscription to save money. The font sync is the only thing that has ever made my Mini run hot.


                                                                    Actually as I write this, I closed and re-opened the CC app as advised above, and now there are two instances of the process running, one of them at 0 percent, but the other at 25.6 percent. It is a steady percent not just the app opening hit. This clearly needs to be fixed, as it appears to be a new issue on my mini. I will now only run the creative cloud app when I need to check for updates, as the last thing I want is CPU hits when I trying to do something complex with photoshop.

                                                                    • 111. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                      Michael.Noble64 Newcomer

                                                                      All of the issues that I have discussed here were resolved today by my finally biting the bullet and starting from scratch. This involved uninstalling every Adobe App (except Flash Player); deleting every folder and file on my Windows 7 system associated with Adobe; emptying Trash; running the Adobe Cleaner Tool; installing the Creative Cloud Desktop App and checking that it worked; and, reinstalling the four critical apps that I use. The entire process took 8 hours, some of which was due to basic Windows system issues. I hope now to be out of this discussion. Let me add that all of my apps are working better and faster than before.

                                                                      • 112. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                        Jeff A Wright Legend

                                                                        Thanks for the update Michael.  Can you provide any more details regarding the Windows system issues which you ended up resolving?

                                                                        • 113. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                          Michael.Noble64 Newcomer

                                                                          I was denied access to the Adobe folders in C:/PROGRAM FILES (X86)/ADOBE and C:/PROGRAM FILES (X86)/COMMON FILES/ADOBE. Every user name that I was using had full permissions and yet they didn't work. But when I looked at the files that are in those folders, I realized that they would not conflict with what I was doing. So running the cleaner tool was successful and the rest went just fine. The outcome was great here at home on my Windows PC, but we still have permission problems at work on a number Mac's running CS5 apps. We are working on that as a separate matter.

                                                                          • 114. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                            Jeff A Wright Legend

                                                                            Thanks Michael.  For others looking for information on how to adjust their file permissions please see Error "Exit 6" or "Exit 7" | Install log | Read, write, system file errors | CS5, CS5.5 - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/error-exit-6-exit-7.html.

                                                                            • 115. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                              Michael.Noble64 Newcomer

                                                                              Thank you Jeff for providing that link. I commented there that the solution that was offered was perfect for so many cases where permission issues arise. Upon reading the steps to follow as a fix, I realized that I had used them in the past but simply forgot them today. The key to this solution, and several others, is to re-name files and folders. I simply got lucky in not having to fight this illogical permission framework. This link should be circulated among your reps and their supervisors. After about 30 minutes on the phone with a supervisor today, he seemed to have given up because he interrupted the session with the promise to call back in 20 minutes. That was 9 hours ago and I still haven't recieved the call back.

                                                                              • 116. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                                minotaur60 Newcomer

                                                                                Having the same issue. What a pain in the rear!

                                                                                CPU usage at approx 20% on late 2011 MBP running OS X 10.8.5.

                                                                                Forced Quit in Activity Monitor has relieved the issue for now. Happy to live without CC hogging resources.

                                                                                BTW, what is CC and why do I need it running in the background?

                                                                                • 117. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                                  bobmepp Newcomer


                                                                                  I am still having a cef helper issue of a minor sort. On Mac OS X 10.8.5, if I am on the Home tab of CC, then one instance of the cef helper process' CPU usage goes up to 11% or sometimes much more. As soon as I leave the Home tab, and just stay on the Apps tab, then the CPU usage drops to about 8%. This is only when there is a spinning disk on the home tab. If the home tab is populated with text, the the cef helper usage drops to 0%. My workaround, I just keep CC closed, as my Photoshop and Illustrator apps don't really need the CC app to run, afik. If you want more details, please let me know. Incidentally, I am glad I have no need for file or font sync, because when I tried to use those, then the CPU usage really shot up into the 30 to 50% range or more. This sure does seem like a bug in the CC app, and I hope it can be fixed soon. See attached screen shot.


                                                                                  • 118. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                                    bobmepp Newcomer

                                                                                    See my screen shot (above) from my MacMini, showing usage when CC is trying to update its home tab. This drops to 8% when I switch to the app tap but that is still too high. The good news is your apps will call home to Adobe just fine without CC. I have it closed most of the time. You can even check for updates from the Help menu. I think CC is mainly for document and font sync and for actively monitoring Behance, none of which I need to do regularly. It would be a pain for those who need these functions.

                                                                                    • 119. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                                      Jeff A Wright Legend

                                                                                      Bobmepp after a more in-depth discussion with Michael it is certainly possible that the high CPU usage could be due to a file permission issue.  You may want to try a newly created local admin account to see if you face the same difficulty.