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        Jeff A Wright Legend

        Please be aware that we are currently in the process of investigating Users who may be experiencing excessive CPU usage of the Adobe CEF Helper process.  Please be aware that one to 3 percent usage is considered normal behavior.  Also it is expected that you will have two to 4 Adobe CEF Helper processes running.


        In addition as you select different tabs within the Creative Cloud application you may see additional CPU usage as the tab is updated.


        If you are seeing excessive usage then please quit and reopen the Creative Cloud application.  This often allows the CPU usage to return to normal.

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          CraigFisv Newcomer

          My MBP [MacBookPro8,2, OS X 10.8.4 (12E55)] currently has Adobe CEF Helper at 15.3% and Creative Cloud at 10.8% CPU usage with only the menu bar element running.

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            Jeff A Wright Legend

            I see CraigFisv have you tried quitting the Creative Cloud application and relaunching it?

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              Tom Semple Newcomer

              Relaunching does not have any effect for me (macbook pro, 10.8.4). And the Home tab never refreshes, no doubt causing excessive CPU usage. Have not tried uninstalling/reinstalling.

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                Jeff A Wright Legend

                Tom you can also leave the Creative Cloud application closed when CPU usage is a concern. 


                What type of processor do you have on your MacBook Pro?

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                  Tom Semple Newcomer

                  Yes, I quit the app when I don't need it. Usage is 8-20% depending on tab that is active. That is enough to be noticeable. No problems on my Windows 7 system.


                  MacBook Pro

                  13-inch, Mid 2009


                  2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

                  4GB memory

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                    smb8282 Newcomer

                    Quitting and relaunching the app doesn't do anything for me.


                    I have two different Macs, a 2009 macbook pro and  a 2012 imac. On the imac, there is one CEF helper process running that consistently sits at 0.0 CPU. Moving tabs in the CC app causes it to go up to ~0.4 before dropping back down.


                    On the Macbook Pro, there are two CEF helpers, one at 0% and another that usually sits between 8-20%. I'm sure that the massive difference in power between the two machines accounts for some of that, but there's clearly something else going on with the macbook.




                    Oddly, I just now managed to drop the cpu on the macbook pro back down to 0-0.5% by logging out of creative cloud, quitting, and then re-launching, logging back in, quitting, and relaunching again. Probably just a random fluke that made it go away.


                    I'll try to keep my eye on this throughout the week but I feel this isn't really something I should ever have to worry about. I really wish I could go back to the old (CS6) version of creative cloud for another couple of months while the beta test on CC ends.

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                      pagerocker Newcomer

                      Relaunching doesn't work for me, either!


                      But my "Home"-Tab in CC-Menubar is constantly loading, but never shows anything, might that be the problem?


                      Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-05 um 10.34.16.png

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                        dashart21 Newcomer

                        Same for me,
                        as workaround is disabled the Creative Cloud autostart,

                        I start it only manually when I need it.


                        Mac OS 10.8.4, Macbook pro 17" Core i5 2,53 ghz, 8GB RAM,

                        no forwards for Adobe related domains in the hosts-config-file.

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                          pagerocker Newcomer



                          I'm working on a iMac11,1 with 16GB RAM (10.8.4), firewall is switched silent...


                          It isn't just the Adobe CEF - Process, which is bugging me, but also the CreativeCloud-Process itself. (Both together have a systemusage of about 20-35%)


                          It seems like it isn't a persistent bug... but on at least 5 of 7 starts with CC-App, i get the irregular systemusage!

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                            pagerocker Newcomer

                            Thanks for the trick. But it shouldn't be necessary!


                            A colleague of mine, isn' experencing any such issues on a comparable machine...

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                              dashart21 Newcomer

                              true, true ...

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                                CraigFisv Newcomer

                                After seeing pagerocker's response below, I checked my Home tab in the menu bar app.  I had the green check beside "Install an app", unchecked Behance integration, and a loading animation under "Activity Stream".  Clicking over to the Apps tab and then back to Home got rid of the Activity Stream section at the bottom of the window and added a new "Get started with Creative Cloud" section at the top.  Now Adobe CEF Helper and Creative Cloud are at 0 - 0.4% CPU.

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                                  Jeff A Wright Legend

                                  Thank you all for the update.  Do others see continued high usage after turning off the Behance integration?


                                  I checked again today and I did have one Adobe CEF Helper process go up to around 17 percent on a 2.7 Ghz i7.  After the Creative Cloud application got done updating itself however the process went back down to 0 percent.


                                  Also the Adobe CEF Helper app processes should not be active if the Creative Cloud application is not currently running.  If you find yourself adversely affected by high CPU usage I would recommend quitting the Creative Cloud application.

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                                    tudor-v Newcomer

                                    I'm not sure how to turn off the Behance integration but I did what CraigFisv did: clicked on the Apps tab then back on the Home. I then got the "Your home feed is empty" message with two buttons: "Install Adobe Apps" and "Link with Behance" (even though the Behance tab shows me as already logged in). The good thing is Adobe CEF Helper does not hog the CPU anymore.

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                                      fleet117 Newcomer

                                      From my own experience the problem seems to be related to the Home tab. When my CPU usage spikes the Home tab shows the loading animation. Restarting the application or switching tabs doesn't always make it go away but if I can find some way to get the tab to stop trying to load then the CPU usage drops back to normal. The one time I had to reinstall the CC app to get the Home tab back and get CPU usage back to normal.

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                                        Tom Semple Newcomer

                                        So there has not been any update as far as I can tell but now:

                                        • The Home tab finally has content ("Your Home feed is Empty") rather than spinning wheel icon
                                        • CPU usage for ADOBE CEF HELPER IS 0%
                                        • Creative Cloud is down around .3%


                                        I hope it stays this way!

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                                          CraigFisv Newcomer

                                          I got a Creative Cloud app update this morning but it didn't fix the problem.  Whenever the Home tab is active and looking for content with the blue loading animation, Adobe CEF Helper and Creative Cloud use 10-20% CPU.  When I click on the Apps tab, usage drops down to 4-7% CPU.  Does anyone know what is supposed to be on the Home tab or what URL:PORT it is trying to contact?

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                                            tudor-v Newcomer

                                            On the Home tab you should see your recent activity (what CC software you installed recently, software updates you did etc.). If you only see that blue spinning circle try this: click on the cog wheel in the top right corner, then choose "View your updates and requests". If you then see a "Go back" button, click on it. This has fixed my Home tab issues.

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                                              CraigFisv Newcomer

                                              Thank you... going to the cog wheel and choosing "View your updates and requests" got rid of the blue loader.

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                                                mgalpin7 Newcomer

                                                I have an older computer with a Athalon 64 fx 2 processor, and I have been seeing greater than 60% CPU use when creative cloud is running.  Quittin creative cloud drops CPU use by 60%.

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                                                  Tom Semple Newcomer

                                                  After an update for CC arrived, the problem came back.


                                                  However, after I accessed Typekit, the Home page records that activity and the CPU dropped to 0%. Perhaps any activity (installing a new app etc.) would have had this effect.

                                                  • 62. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                    fleet117 Newcomer

                                                    tudor-v's suggestion above stopped the high CPU usage when it reoccured after the recent update. The problem does seem to be related to problems loading the Home tab. Here are the directions laid out in point form.



                                                    If you have high CPU usage and see a spinning blue circle in the Home tab:


                                                      1. Click on the cog wheel in the top right corner of the CC window and choose "View your updates and requests"
                                                      2. If it's available, click the button that says "Go back"
                                                      3. This should return you to the Home tab where the spinning wheel should be gone and CPU usage should have dropped back down to normal



                                                    This is not a permanent fix but it does seem to be a reliable way to get the Adobe CEF Helper process back under control when it goes berserk.

                                                    • 63. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                      David__B Ninja

                                                      Can anyone experiencing the high CPU usage test the following


                                                      Ensure you still experience the behavior after

                                                      • Log out of Creative Cloud for desktop from Preferences > Account
                                                      • Quit Creative Cloud for desktop
                                                      • Reboot the computer
                                                      • Relaunch Creative Cloud for desktop
                                                      • Sign in again with your Adobe ID


                                                      It is normal to see a temporary spike in usage when changing tabs but usage should drop down to 3-5% when idle.


                                                      Could you try this steps and let me know if you are still experiencing the issue?

                                                      • 64. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                        mgalpin7 Newcomer

                                                        Rebooting the computer fixes the high CPU usage, but after a few hours the CPU goesd back up to 60-70%.  Quitting Creative cloud brings it back down.

                                                        • 65. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                          epogue Newcomer

                                                          I'm seeing the same thing as mgalpin7 and everybody else here. Going through those steps doesn't keep CPU usage from eventually spiking.


                                                          I guess I'm at a loss as to why the Creative Cloud application needs to constantly use CPU (even 1-3%) in the first place. I would expect a background process that doesn't seem to be actively doing that much to idle at 0% until it receives a notification (i.e. a font/file addition).

                                                          • 66. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                            ScubaBadger Newcomer

                                                            I just opened PP CC - while signed in to the CC. Got a timeline opened and editable.

                                                            I then right clicked on the CC icon in the taskbar and clicked "Exit creative cloud". The icon closed and I was left with my CC version of PP still runjnning without any issues.


                                                            I checked "Ctrl + Alt + del" and opened task manager and the performance window is showing a zero % usage while I am doing nothing.

                                                            I clicked to play the timeline with two large video files under the timeline marker and the worst the resources showed for CPU was 17%.


                                                            I am guessing you don't need Creative Cloud opened continuously?

                                                            I also noted while watching the task manager window - there were no "CEF Helper" instances at all.

                                                            • 67. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                              Jeff A Wright Legend

                                                              That is correct ScubaBadger.  The Creative Cloud application will need to be open though to utilize File Sync, Typekit, and Behance functionality.  If you are experiencing high CPU usage however then please quit the Creative Cloud application.

                                                              • 68. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                lord-_-yoda Newcomer

                                                                Members on this forum have been posting the same information on how to quit the CC application and the CEF Helper repeatedly. The previous post by ScubaBadger for example was posted 50 posts ago.

                                                                I'm only saying this as I have subscribed to this feed and I'm sure there are a lot of other people who have done the same. I was hoping to hear back from here with either useful info or an actual fix.


                                                                Could you please post a notification in BOLD that states that this is an ongoing issue that is being investigated and the the steps required to quit CC.

                                                                Additionally could you also mention that CC needs to be signed into once every 3 months for the applications to work. And any other relevant information would be useful.


                                                                Could you also mention how to just subscribe to this forum for email updates without actually duplicating posts here.

                                                                I hope a post by a staff member would mean more to people. Thanks!



                                                                PS: I don't mean to be rude but I'm a little exhausted of reading these emails everyday.

                                                                • 69. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                  ScubaBadger Newcomer

                                                                  Can't help feeling I am responsible for you feeling tired of this thread. Sorry about that.


                                                                  In future I'll just read and keep my views to myself and try to learn by reading others posts.


                                                                  I too am exhausted at reading all the posts concerning this issue - and others but I am prepared to look beyond that to seek the answers provided here by some very patient knowledgable people.

                                                                  • 70. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                    lord-_-yoda Newcomer

                                                                    Sorry, that wasn't mean to be a personal attack at you. I had to give an example because a lot of other people have mentioned the exact same thing that you did.

                                                                    I have been following this post since it started over a month back. You may be just reading through the posts now, but I have been getting emails every day regarding this and not a single one was an actual solution.


                                                                    The thing about ending helper.exe is on the first page withing the first 10 posts. So, 60 emails later if I have to read the exact same thing - its a little annoying.


                                                                    Hence, I was hoping a staff member could actually post a notice in BOLD explaining what needs to be done - To sum it up and prevent people from re-posting the same thing.

                                                                    • 71. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                      Psychdoc_1 Newcomer

                                                                      I noted that many are sick of hearing about these issues here, but I just started having the same problem as AJMinds with the Home tab suddenly displaying "Your Home Feed is Empty" when, in fact, I have both Photoshop CC and Bridge CC apps listed in the Apps tab. Just several hours earlier the CC window correctly showed that both Photoshop CC and Bridge were up to date and indicated I had updated the Creative Cloud app (which I did several days earlier).


                                                                      I did click the "Settings" gear and chose "View Your Updates and Requests" which displayed that I had no updates or requests; I, too, used the "Go Back" button to take me back to the Home tab which still says "Your Home Feed is Empty" and allowed me to click on "Install Adobe Apps."  I did this and it just took me to my Apps tab which shows the two noted earlier as being installed and up to date.


                                                                      I also just suddenly had a popup "Adobe Photoshop CC Trial" window where I clicked on the button to License this Software rather than the button to "Start Trial" and then was asked to sign in to my account, which I did. I then closed everything and rebooted, but there was no change to the Creative Cloud desktop app when startup occurred.


                                                                      I'm not sure what to try next. Has anyone had any luck with resolving this? Can anyone offer any help here ... I am totally baffled.

                                                                      • 72. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                        fleet117 Newcomer

                                                                        I don't mean any offense by this, but your issue is not related. If I am understanding your issue correctly then there is really no issue. I believe it is normal for your home feed to show nothing because, as far as I know, it only shows recent activity and stuff falls off the list regularly.


                                                                        The issue being discussed here is that the Creative Cloud app is sometimes using large amounts of CPU time for prolonged periods of time and causing computer slow downs and excessive battery drain. It seems to be related to the home tab because when this occurs many people have noticed that the home tab has a loading animation that does not go away until going to "View Updates and Requests" and then back, and doing so drops the CPU usage back to normal.


                                                                        That is the issue we are discussing here and wanting to find a solution for. Please don't hijack the thread for something unrelated. Thanks.

                                                                        • 73. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                          ScubaBadger Newcomer

                                                                          fleet117 - Not wishing to appear rude iether - the thread header title states "adobe CEF helper" and my post actually references and discusses the adobe CEF helper. There are several posts however that don't mention the adobe CEF helper that are concentrating on CPU usage due to the home tab issues... Yes - I am delighted to say I have no issue now - but that was not the case at the point I joined the thread. The fact I am no longer suffering the same is something positive.


                                                                          Anyway, as you say - I am no longer ssuffering so I will butt out of the thread - but please do for the sake of everyone else - get your facts straight before putting yourself up as moderator. ;-) I will of course not get to se your response to this :-(.

                                                                          • 74. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                            Psychdoc_1 Newcomer

                                                                            Wow ... I'm really sorry about this misunderstanding. I thought I had seen several people mention a similar issue during the discussions and I was just looking for some help.


                                                                            I'm pretty new at posting on these forums and I certainly would never hold myself out to be a moderator ... so not sure why someone mistook me for one.


                                                                            In any event, again, I apologize for my mistake; I would never try to intentionally "hijack" a discussion.  This will be my last post to look for guidance here.

                                                                            • 75. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                              fleet117 Newcomer

                                                                              Scuba, I think you missed that my post was in reply to Psychdoc. You are right, this thread is about the Adobe CEF Helper process and excessive CPU usage. High CPU usage by the Adobe CEF Helper seems to be related to problems loading the Home Tab in the CC app. When usage is high, if you check the home tab, it is probably stuck on the loading animation and following the instructions laid out above to get the home tab to load properly makes the CPU usage drop back to normal. These things are all related and part of the issue that we are discussing here.


                                                                              Psychdoc, you are mixing up two different replies from two different people as Scuba appears to have done also. I was not putting myself out as a moderator, Scuba was not accusing you of putting yourself out as a moderator, and my request to not derail the thread was not directed at Scuba. I believe I have my facts straight and the things that Scuba says he was posting about are related to the problem being discussed and I never claimed otherwise. The problem you, Psychdoc, described of the home feed showing a message that there is nothing in the feed is probably not an issue and is not related to the problem being discussed regarding the Adobe CEF Helper and high CPU usage.

                                                                              • 76. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                                Plane Wryter Newcomer

                                                                                For the last ~2 weeks, Adobe CEF Helper has been consuming ~14% of my iMac's (4 Processor, Intel Core i5, 2.8GHz running OS X 10.8.4) CPU.


                                                                                Because my machine has been running slow (many, many spinning beach balls) during this period, I've been trying to isolate the cause (e.g., deleted & rebuilt Spotlight; re-installed OS X).


                                                                                This morning, in desperation, I turned to investigating Adobe CEF Helper, and found this thread.


                                                                                ADOBE: There is a definite bug in Adobe CEF Helper and merits Adobe's PROMPT repair; the bug appears to be associated with the Helper Tab.


                                                                                Here's some highlights of my experiences with the CEF Helper bug:


                                                                                01. About two weeks ago (approximately the same time the problem started), I noticed the Behance Tab in Creative Cloud.

                                                                                02. Because I'd not heard about Behance, I was curious and clicked on the tab to learn more.

                                                                                03. Followed Behance's information trail and read up on it; concluded it's not for me.

                                                                                04. Forgot about Behance...until ~10 minutes ago.

                                                                                05. Found and started reading this post.

                                                                                06. Saw pagerocker's Aug 5th screenshot of Creative Cloud's Home Tab...and realized I'd seen it, too.

                                                                                07. Opened Creative Cloud's Home Tab on my machine...noted that Activity Monitor reported 1 instance of Adobe CEF Helper at ~14% CPU utilization.

                                                                                08. Left Home Tab open for ~90 seconds; confirmed spinning icon (like pagerocker's) and CPU utilization constant around 14%.

                                                                                09. Clicked around the Creative Cloud tabs (Apps, Files, Fonts, Behance).

                                                                                10. Opened Creative Cloud preferences and started turning various Preferences (e.g., Behance--show Mac OS notifications) OFF, then ON, then OFF and observed CPU utilization in Activity Montior.

                                                                                11. Returned to Home Tab and...surprise!...Home Tab loaded with a message that "Home Feed is Empty"

                                                                                12. At the same instant that I returned to the operational Home Tab, Activity Monitor reported:

                                                                                • 12.a Two instance of Adobe CEF Helper, both at
                                                                                • 12.b 0.0% CPU

                                                                                13. My Machine is performing normally.


                                                                                ANALYSIS: The problem with my machine began (as far as I recall) about the same time (~two weeks ago) I investiged Behance. Since then, my machine has been AGONIZINGLY slow (how many 100 times a day can you wait for a spinning beach ball?). Many other attempts to resolve the problem have had no noticable affect (including half-a-day wasted on a full OS re-install). My machine's performance was restored conincident with Creative Cloud's Home Tab functioning normally.


                                                                                CONCLUSION: Adobe: There's a significant bug (long-overdue for your fix) in Creative Cloud's Home Tab function...which could (not necessarily is) associated with Behance.


                                                                                • Would David_B or Jeff A. Wright (et al) please be so kind as to provide an update on Adobe's actions to remedy this pernecious performance impediment? Thank you.


                                                                                PS: A BIG SHOUT OUT to pagerocker for posting the helpful screenshot! Many, many thanks...it was the key to discovering the performance problem with my machine!


                                                                                Message was edited by: Plane Wryter to clarify possibility the bug is associated with the Helper Tab (as distinct from prior version of text which invalidly implied "certainty.")

                                                                                • 77. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                                  Jeff A Wright Legend

                                                                                  Plane Wryter there are no updates to provide at the moment.  If you have an a case number from contacting our support team please feel free to post your case number to this discussion.  Our chat support can be contacted at http://adobe.ly/yxj0t6.


                                                                                  If there is additional steps are updates to provide this discussion thread will be updated.

                                                                                  • 78. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                                    Glen Speckert Newcomer

                                                                                    Adobe CEF Helper workaround:


                                                                                    Yes, this is what works to get around Adobe CEF Helper stealing 1/6 of my processing capabilities, and destroying my battery.

                                                                                    • 79. Re: adobe CEF helper
                                                                                      Glen Speckert Newcomer

                                                                                      Pull down the Cog wheel, select View your updates and requests, and hit "Go Back".