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    Adobe PDF Ifilter 9 64bit - Random Folders on C Drive (Cause found, resolution not)


      Hello, I'm using the Adobe PDF ifilter 9 64bit on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. We are having an issue where when Windows Search scans PDFs that contain attachments in them, the PDF filter will extract the attachments and create a "temporary" folder on the C drive that starts with "A9*" for each attachment. On Windows 7, these temp folders are deleted shortly after, on Windows 2008 R2 it is not. This has been tested on multiple machines.


      I used ProcMon and can see that Windows 7 sends delete operations while 2008 R2 does not. The process that is sending the delete operation is the searchfilterhost.exe. I searched Google and found many people experiencing this issue but with no resolution.


      Troubleshooting done:

      Ran ProcMon to see if Windows 2008 R2 sends delete operations (it does not)

      Checked system environment variables for TEMP (they are correct)

      Tested on multiple machines (easily reproducable)

      Reinstalled Ifilter 9 (same issue)

      Indexed only 1 folder with 1 pd file with attachmetns (reproduced)


      Windows 7 always deletes the temp folders/files