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    Ok button is not working when adding text editor in multifield in dialog

    a_rai Newcomer

      Hi All,


      I am creating a component. That will be a dialog with multi field. There will a text box and one rich text editor.Befoe adding rich text editor in the dialog, Ok button is working but as soon as I am adding rich text editor in dialog multifield, Ok button does not work. I tried a lot to find out solution but no success.


      I am using my own widget to overide rich text component



      var Horizontal = {};



      Horizontal.x3 = {};



      Horizontal.x3.provideOptions = function(path, record){return CQ.Util.formatData(CQ.HTTP.eval(CQ.HTTP.noCaching('/apps/gsam/components/countrymap/langu agelist.languagelist.json?')));}






      * @class Horizontal.horizontalWidget

      * @extends CQ.form.CompositeField

      * This is a custom widget based on {@link CQ.form.CompositeField}.

      * @constructor

      * Creates a new horizontalWidget.

      * @param {Object} config The config object




      Horizontal.horizontalWidget = CQ.Ext.extend(CQ.form.CompositeField, {



          hiddenField: null,




           * @private

           * @type CQ.Ext.form.ComboBox


          richtext: null,




           * @private

           * @type CQ.Ext.form.TextField


          subtitle: null,


          constructor: function(config) {

              config = config || { };

              var defaults = {

                  "border": true,

                  "layout": "form"           



              config = CQ.Util.applyDefaults(config, defaults);

              Horizontal.horizontalWidget.superclass.constructor.call(this, config);




          // overriding CQ.Ext.Component#initComponent

          initComponent: function() {




              this.hiddenField = new CQ.Ext.form.Hidden({

                  name: this.name




              this.subtitle = new CQ.Ext.form.TextField({

                  fieldLabel: "Sub Title :",




              this.richtext = new CQ.form.RichText({

                          fieldLabel: "Text :",






           processRecord: function(record, path) {

               console.log("processRecord", path, record);

               this.richtext.processRecord(record, path);



      // register xtype

      CQ.Ext.reg('horizontalComp', Horizontal.horizontalWidget);



      Can any one has faced this problem and got any solution?