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    Error Code A12E5


      I am unable to install Adobe Application Manager. I continue to receive "error code A12E5." I have tried downloading the patch and installing via that method, but that did not work either. Also, when I try to download an app via my Creative Cloud account, the resulting .zip file is empty and my system reports that the file is invalid.


      I believe I have exhausted all methods posted to the forums. Does anyone else have any ideas?


      I'm running Windows 7, Service Pack 1 64-bit on a Dell T3500 with 6GB of RAM. No previous versions of Adobe applications are installed on the machine (it's fresh out of the box).


      Thanks for your help.

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          I am having the same problem and I have also exahuasted all methods posted. I hope someone has some ideas!!

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            LMn0P Newcomer

            Getting same error while trying to update to Acrobat XI pro Cloud app, also on windows7 64 sp1. But I do have most adobe apps installed.  Adobe Application Manager wants to update first, tries, fails, same error code: A12E5.   Fellow coworker had no troubles installing XI today.  Error code window suggests visiting customer support page.  But not seeing much else on this.  Wondering about next step I should take...



            Update:  Went through about 8 failed efforts to run the Adobe Application manager and constantly getting one initial error message about multiple AAM's running in the background that should be shut down, then it closes that error and tries to proceed updating, ultimately returning the A12E5 error.


            Because of a different issue with DW I decided to delete my windows profile and start new.  Didn't fix this immediately but after couple more tries I was able to update AAM.


            After the windows profile resest,  I tried running an update check from both photoshop and Acrobat X. Neither found any updates, but while photoshop was checking it did pop up a question about allowing Adobe AAM to report failed installs.  I agreed to allow it.  I went and tried opening adobe support advisor, which ran some check but found no errors.  I then tried AAM one more time (9th) and it worked.  It updated AAM and allowed me to install XI successfully.


            Not sure what did it for me.  But everything fine here now.


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              Went here to download the Adobe Application Manager from scratch and it seems to have worked for me

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                Make sure you run the install as Admin.  This was my issue, just clicking the Install and not Right Clicking and selecting the "Run as Administrator".

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                  syager Newcomer

                  This isn't working for me. I've even tried updating in safe mode, but that doesn't help either.

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                    esanchez33 Newcomer

                    Same here. I'm admin, tried safe mode, tried in different internet locations, tried deleting everything. Nothing works. Can someone just fix this rather than asking for users to do complicated manouvers just to download something that should take like 1 click? Thanks!

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                      PECourtejoie Ninja

                      Hello, Edward, I see that you are scouring the forum, I was searching also for fixes for you...

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                        syager Newcomer

                        I finally figured out my problem. I'm behind a firewall at work. As soon as I disconnect from their ethernet and used the unsecured wireless connection, it worked.

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                          esanchez33 Newcomer

                          I FINALLY SOLVED IT!


                          I went to Activity Monitor and quit ALL Adobe processes (do a search for Adobe). Make sure that Photoshop and any other Adobe app is closed too. Then try again and it SHOULD work. At least it did for me!


                          Also, did it at home - maybe work firewall was causing problems. But hopefully the new version will be less picky about firewalls.

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                            running the install as administrator didn't work for me either.  But this did:


                            Open Command Prompt, run as Administrator. Enter command:

                            net user administrator /active:yes


                            Switch users.  Login as Admin. Run CC app install. Then install what individual apps you want.  When done, logout as Admin, run command with, active:no.


                            I am able to run the apps as myself now.


                            http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/3040.enable-disable-the-local-h idden-built-in-administrator-account-in-windows-7.aspx

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                              did not work... I'm not sure how it is possible that it worked for you.

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                                I have a macbook and i cant install the updates how can i fix this pls help me