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    Acrobat Updater (10.1.3) fails Windows 7 64-bit

    epullin9142012 Newcomer

      I tried again today (14Sep2012) to install the 10.1.3 update to Acrobat X.  It failed again, as it did on 22Aug2012, citing "insufficient privileges" (Error 1321.  On Aug22 it cited Error 1310.)  The first time the file listed was C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\Xtras\AdobePDF\AdobePDF.inf ; the second time it was C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\A3DUtils.dll

      Adobe tried again to get me to install this update on 21Sep2012.  This time it was \Acrobat\Air\nppdf32.dll that couldn't be modified.

      The permissions on both of the files seem to allow full control for all users.

      Does anyone know how to get around this?  I am not a very technical user but I can follow instructions.

      I have Windows 7 64-bit and installed Acrobat X (Standard).  I also have InDesign CS3 installed.

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          TLSystems Newcomer

          Have you found an answer to this?  I have had this exact same problem and have had difficulty finding any responsible Adobe reply.  I've seen this problem cited in other places, but not as clearly as you have here.  Why does Adobe avoid answering this question????  Perhaps the solution is something they want to be paid for in order to provide.  I'm one small customer but it sure would be good to see them taken to task publicly for their arrogance and unwillingness to support their customers for subscriptions to their software which they have already purchased.

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            Johnathon_ Newcomer

            I have seen the exact same behavior with Reader on thousands of machines and have never found a 100% fix or reason this happens. Out of curiosity, are either of you running Mcafee? I have brought this issue up in another thread and disabling Mcafee helped on one machine. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1074854

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              TLSystems Newcomer

              We use AVG Pro.  Have tried to install with AV turned off but no difference.  I've lost the ability to print to a PDF from other applications & web pages - it is not an option in the print dialog.  I figure this loss would be fixed with the update, but perhaps not.  I've heard from a few folks that the update actually caused Pro to crash and malfunction.  I just think Adobe wishes Widows would die so they could focus on Mac alone.

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                Johnathon_ Newcomer

                Is the file that is reported with issues different everytime?

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                  epullin9142012 Newcomer

                  It’s not the same file every time for me, but that may be because I would try to allow access to the specific file cited between tries.

                  I got a similar error trying to download the Adobe Reader update today.

                  Reader Error 6-6-13.png

                  I did not have McAfee installed when I first reported this problem in September 2012.  However a free version of McAfee subsequently got loaded (when I neglected to turn off a default when downloading an update for something else!) and it was there for today’s Reader installation problem.  I have since uninstalled McAfee, so if it was the culprit perhaps I’ll get the Reader updated successfully the next time around.

                  The ability to “print” to a PDF disappeared from several apps for me as well, including Adobe’s InDesign.  Adobe seems to want you to use their add-ons to create a PDF rather than use the print option. 

                  I haven't tried to allow the Adobe Acrobat (10.1.3) to run since January:  Acrobat Error 1-7-13.png

                  Maybe I'll try again next time to see if perchance time heals all wounds...

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                    epullin9142012 Newcomer

                    This is a followup post -- I went to the Adobe site and instead of trying to download the Adobe Acrobat 10.1.3 update, I selected 10.1.5, released January 9, 2013.  (Curiously, 10.1.3 wasn't even in the list of available updates, although a release from 2011 was.)  I got the dreaded 1310 again:

                    Acrobat Error 6-6-13.png

                    but notice that this time there's a Retry button!  I selected Retry and the update proceeded, although I got the same error for different file within a few seconds.  After hitting Retry for at least a half dozen files (I neglected to count) the installation setup completed.

                    So I would advise anyone having problem with the Acrobat 10.1.3 update to skip it and try 10.1.5 instead.

                    I also was able to get through the Adobe Reader XI update (via the Adobe site) with no problems.  It would be ironic if McAfee caused the Reader update problems, since the Reader download is where the free version came from! 

                    I also notice that Adobe PDF shows up as a printer selection in both Reader, Acrobat, InDesign, and Word.  So I'm a pretty happy camper at this point.

                    I'm considering this a closed issue.  Thanks for your interest and feedback!

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                      Bill@VT Mythic

                      It is interesting, but the AA 10.1.7 update is apparently cummulative. On the Adobe update site it says good for AA 10.0 or later! Don't see this often. In fact I did a check and found that only the 10.1.2 and 10.1.6 updates of the 10.1.x series required the prrevious update for AA 10. Not sure why you had the problem with 10.1.3 (and it is in the list at http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=1&platform=Windows).

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                        epullin9142012 Newcomer

                        I guess I didn't look hard enough for the 10.1.3 update on the Adobe site -- I stopped at http://www.adobe.com/downloads/?promoid=JZEFW once I saw that there was another update for Acrobat X.

                        I think I'll wait to see if Adobe prompts me to download 10.1.7 and see what happens!


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                          epullin9142012 Newcomer

                          I guess I spoke too soon!  I got an Adobe Acrobat Updater notification and gave the okay to install the update.  It was not identified with a version number.  It took an incredibly long time to install, but in the end I got the dreaded 1310 error again

                          Acrobat Updater Error 6-12-2013.PNG

                          There was no "Retry" option available.

                          Here is the helpful solution available via the Details link:


                          I did verify that I now have Acrobat X Version 10.1.5 so at least I'm further along than I was a year ago. When I recover from my disappointment, I'll try downloading 10.1.7